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Online live Handbag Design Courses

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The course teaches
How to be a success Handbag designer

 Ultimately, success designers lies in finding
their own unique style of expression
CLO3D simulation technologies is a skill to create 3D virtual samples
eliminate unnecessary costs
that helps the individuality of the designer’s creative vision to emerge.


 Unique styles Kazuyo created with zero cost with CLO3D

and Final first physical samples

How to translate and create concepts or digital patterns

using the CLO3D software into Virtual handbags with 360°view.

With this course you will find the potential for conceptualizing and designing

unlimited as you master your skills

in each aspect of the program for even better results.

3D simulation contributes to Handbag Designers future Sustainability practices.

As Brand founder and Designer, I Kazuyo Nakano,
whom has been engaged in the handbag business, manufacturing, designing, sample making, wholesale and retail for more than 30 years,
has integrated CLO3D throughout each step of my product life cycle.
and the return on investment really happens and keeps a sustainable business.

I can help handbag designers prepare for their careers, the outline and course instructions.
and tips in this course will be very informative as well as impactful in having a very useful, productive and successful outcome with a real-time experience in the handbag industry.
I have developed special strategic program courses using CLO3D particularly.
for handbag design and construction.
With my experience of designing fashion handbags,
plus, my knowledge of virtual prototyping makes me the ideal candidate to generate the perfect workflow to assist in students adventure to a better understanding of ClO3D
and how to utilize this very unique program for student design needs.

Using CLO3D will allow students to create innovative designs.
and help them to get a competitive edge in the job market,
and business world. CLO3D software is the digital revolution.

YouTube Tutorial Videos


Remote Online One to One

 Full course: 36 lessons 

will be offed bespoke training, select training materials prepared.

suited to student needs, since private training.

Introductory Course

             12 lessons 24 hours : 2 Hours per Class for 3 Months $1800

 learn all the necessary process how to design handbags in CLO3D

and pattern making and construction.

Intermediate Course

               12 lessons 24 hours: 2 Hours per Class for 3 Months $1800

 learn all the necessary process how to design handbags in CLO3D

and pattern making and construction.

Advance Course 

               12 lessons 24 hours: 2 Hours per Class for 3 Months $1800

learn all the necessary process how to create a signature look.

Translating your concepts into finished 3D virtual handbags

*Payment plan is available: split your fee into equal monthly payments.

 This Video shows a part of the content of

the 24 hours Entry training course


Remote Online Group lesson

Capacity 2~

 will be arranged the lesson schedule according of your needs and schedule

Please contact me 

You will be able to receive training together 

with your friends and colleagues.


Large group, School and University


Handbag Design Course 24h

Handbag Design Course 24h

Play Video

 Handbag  Design Introductory Course 24 hours

Learning Outcomes