みなさんこんにちわ、日本でファッションデザイナーをしているYumiです。日本でCLOを学べる場所を探していたのですが、どこも高額で悩んでいたところweb検索でKazuyoさんのサイトを見つけ、友人と2人でCLOファッションレッスンZOOM動画 6回9時間コースを受講しました。CLOはなかなか慣れないうちは操作が難しいですが、毎回レッスンの資料がいただけるのと、ZOOMの動画を録画させてもらえるので、それを見ながら後からしっかり復習が出来るようになっています。


Yumi, Japan, Feb 2020

SI,  Japan June 2020

株式会社モンスター 代表 草桶嘉之 Nov. 2020

Taking the CLO3D lesson from Kazuyo is probably one of the best decisions I made in 2020. She is one of those rare instructors who not only understands CLO3D software inside out, but is also an experienced handbag & small leather goods designer/pattern maker. In other words, learning from her is not just about learning how to operate CLO3D, but also how to create real life patterns!

For instance, when I asked her to show me how to create complicated patterns such as French gusset bag, gathered tote, or structured bag with scrunchie top handle, she would demonstrate live or pre-record a tutorial video, and walk me through the whole process during the class...I learned how to do all of the above in a mere 5 weeks period! Honestly, I would come back for more lessons in the future!

Stella Chang
Founder of www.specdstudio.com


Kazuyo is a fabulous teacher. So far, I have taken 30 hours of lessons with her and plan to take more when my schedule allows. Prior to meeting Kazuyo, I had no formal training in handbag design or any type of CAD software. I was a beginner. She worked with me and tailored the lessons to fit both my needs and interests. We designed multiple, complex bags in CLO3D. From 2D to 3D to renders, zippers to hardware to linings, leathers to other fabrics, we explored a great deal of the functionality in CLO3d. I am now able to work and manage in CLO3D. You won’t find a better teacher than Kazuyo.
-Jonathan Biebl (Los Angeles, CA)

After searching for weeks for a independent trainer on CLO it was clear that Kazuyo was the right trainer for me. She brings a wealth of knowledge not just in the tool itself but from being in industry herself and that mix of both real world expertise coupled with proficiency in the tool makes Kazuyo the great teacher that she is. Then you find out that she is largely self taught and all the tips / tricks that you learn to speed up your own learning, is from her own learning. 

When presented with a unique problem in a garment Kazuyo will endeavor to find a workable solution and come back to you for your next lesson on the possible approaches to the garment creation. 

In summary if you want a bespoke 1-1 program where you can learning at a pace that suits you then look no further. Kazuyo comes with a strong recommendation from me.”

Apparel Design : Oct. 2020,  LA  Iain Finch

My name is Bingjing Li , Fashion Designer based in  NYC. In the beginning of 2020 I am becoming a 3D Fashion designer for another 3D program.
I really like what I am doing and while working as a full time 3D designer,  I realized that virtual garments will inevitably change the fashion industry, 3D fashion is not a question but when will it happen.
Then I searched online to search for the 2nd 3Dprogram to dive into the 3D fashion world and I found Kazuyo Nakano.

I booked a 12 hours beginner CLO3D course, 4 weeks, twice a week. Kazuyo is very detail oriented, and she teaches me a lot during the sessions. Even though this is a beginner course, since I have some prior experience in other programs, the class runs very smoothly, and Kazuyo always gives me hints and tips for those I missed, and she won't waste any minute,Kazuyo always gives me some new tutorial which is not covered in the course when we have some extra time to grow faster.
I am planning to take another course with Kazuyo in early 2021, which is the 3D handbag course, she is the only trainer doing handbag courses that I am really interested in. I believe it will be another amazing experience with Kazuyo. I highly recommend Kazuyo to anyone who wants to get into the 3D fashion world.

best Regards,
Apparel Design : Bingjing Li, NEW YORK USA,  Sep 2020



Kazuyo is by far, first in class when it comes to teaching the ins and outs of CLO.  Her thoughtful approach
On building a course centered around her student’s needs is exactly why I gravitated to her.  I signed up for her 9 hour training course with very limited exposure to the software. 

By the end of the course, my confidence Level, as well as my skillset level had grown tremendously.  I am a firm believer in Kazuyo’s teaching method,
And am proof that tremendous success comes when the student is comfortable learning at his/ her own pace.

If you’re looking to grow your skills professionally, or learn CLO at your leisure, I highly recommend that you reach
Out to Kazuyo.  I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.  “Kazuyo is THE BEST!”

APPAREL DESIGN : Larry Swint Jr, USA (December 2019 – January 2020)

"I took 15 classes with Kazuyo. I started as a beginner and slowly progressed to advanced level. The course was great! I highly recommend Kazuyo as a teacher. Kazuyo is very supportive and patient teacher and a mentor.
I really enjoyed learning from her.”

APPAREL DESIGN : Natalie USA, April 2020

I was introduced to Kazuyo by a friend when I was looking for someone to help further my CLO education. I had learned CLO a year before but had not worked with the software since, so I needed some brushing up and then to move into intermediate & advanced learning. Kazuyo was the perfect instructor for this. She is very clear and thorough in her explanations, and very patient. She was able to be flexible with the lessons in order to gear them towards the subjects I was interested in, or curious about which was really helpful…most traditional classes you cannot change the curriculum. I was a bit worried that a video class would be difficult but she is an expert here as well, and the screen sharing worked perfectly. I plan go back to her from time to time to learn something new, or get some advice on a project. I highly recommend her!
APPAREL DESIGN : April 2020 Mary Cassidy USA

I booked the 12 hour beginner crash course with Kazuyo to learn about bag design with CLO3D. As an absolute beginner in the field of fashion CAD and textile design in general it was a steep learning curve for me and a great experience. Kazuyo is a very professional teacher:  all classes were prepared with detailed training videos to be studied beforehand and prebuilt models for download from CLOset. This gives you the possibility to maximise the value you get from the actual lessons. The lessons themselves are conducted via Zoom which I found as good as in-person lessons due to the screen sharing functionality. At the end of the course you keep all instruction materials as well as the video recordings of the training sessions so nothing is lost. I also  greatly appreciated that Kazuyo modified her course for me: while it normally focuses on handbags, she adapted it for me as my interest is more on luggage and sports bags - so don't be afraid to approach her if you want to learn about something other than ladies' handbags : ) Finally, Kazuyo is not only an expert in CLO but a true fashion industry veteran, I found her insights into the business side of things as valuable as the training itself. In summary, I recommend this course without reservation.

HANDBAG DESIGN : AF, London, March 2020


I have reached out Kazuyo for a 12 hours class focused on virtual accessories design (bags/headwear), and it’s my most appreciated class experience so far.

Not only Kazuyo is offering the only virtual accessories design online but also she put so much effort to help me reach my goal. She customized my curriculum and explained every single detail to help. My Project is complicated and challenging, so she needs to try several times first to offer me the best solution. Her decades hands down pattern-making / construction experience definitely will help anyone whose interested in virtual modeling.

And she is also patient and encouraging, she even gave me genuine career advice and feedbacks.

I am highly recommend her if anyone needs to find a CLO teacher, she will be your one of your best education experience. “

HANDBAG DESIGN : Kris Jin, San Francisco 2020 May


"Kazuyo created a custom curriculum for me to learn how to use Clo3D in ways specific to my industry! I design technical outdoor backpacks and carry products and Kazuyo's class is helping me transform the way I design. She was always helpful in answering my questions. After the course I felt like I learned enough to take Clo3D and use it on my own in a professional setting."




I took total 21 hours one on one with Kazuyo just for the apparel. I already have knowledge in pattern cutting, but never experience with 3D software. At first I was struggle finding a good teacher in the internet, but she is a really great teacher with patient and encouraging. She will customize my need and fit my time table. Also, She will discuss with you what you will learn next lesson, so there won't be overlap learning. I really do enjoy learning from her and I did learn a lot from her. 


APPAREL DESIGN : Pui Shan Wong, CANADA (Mar-May 2020)

"I reached out to Kazuyo in regards to her private Clo training program, with a focus in Apparel Design. I started as a complete beginner, took 14 lessons, and feel very satisfied that I have learned all the skills needed to continue in CLO! Kazuyo is a great teacher! She customized the class towards the needs and focuses that I had. She responded very quickly and clearly on the homework assignments and put in extra time to answer my questions and put together extra tutorials if needed. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning the program!"

-Apparel Design, USA July 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed taking this CLO3D course, which covered the beginner and intermediate/advanced level. I was surprised by how quickly Kazuyo taught me to create in CLO3d. She gave me great confidence and I am sure that these classes will help me find new opportunities within the apparel industry.
Because she helped me to cover a lot in a short period I felt I had to rush through the materials. I am grateful to have all the classes recorded to return to in the future to review when necessary.
Studying with Kazuyo was a great experience! I would highly recommend Kazuyo's course to anyone who is looking to advance their career and learn CLO3d.

 Apparel Design : Chantal, USA  Aug 2020

I reached out Kazuyo for her private training course
especially for handbags, I was already advanced on CLO3D
so I  took 12 hours lesson. I generally work on CLO3D for clothing projects ,however even the course is taught through Handbag construction, the skills that I learned  could be applied to any kind of work on CLO3D and it did!  I learned a lot!
She was sending training videos and file folders couple days before each class and then on the day of the training we were going through the each project step by step. She was patient and supportive. I highly recommend taking her class.

 HANDBAG DESIGN : Pinar Eris, LA USA, March 2019

I took an 8-week CLO class from Kazuyo that ended last week. For anyone considering taking such a class, I would highly recommend it. The course was excellent. I worked with Kazuyo up front so that she knew exactly what I wanted to accomplish.
I was very interested in not only learning CLO basics, but also, I needed to learn to import and rig my own avatars.
Kazuyo set up a lesson plan that allowed me to not only meet my goal but to exceed it!
I really enjoyed working with her and feel that because of her teaching, I can really incorporate CLO into my pattern making business.

Thank you Kazuyo!!
 APPAREL DESIGN : Giovonnae Anderson, USA, September 2019

Taking one-on-one training in Clo3D with Kazuyo has been hands down the best money I’ve ever spent! I was lucky enough to find her after searching literally everywhere for clo3D classes with no luck. As an apparel designer it has opened so many doors and possibilities for my career that I couldn’t have even imagined if it weren’t for Kazuyo’s extensive knowledge, dedication, and professional experience. I came into each class so inspired and excited to learn more from her. She listens to your specific needs and tailors the course and assignments to reach your goals. All of her lesson plans are impressively detailed but easy to follow with step by step written/ video instructions so you won’t ever get lost! We started from beginners level (basic functions sewing and patterns) and got to advanced level (sewing techniques, pleating, appliqués, tailoring) in a matter of weeks. After her course I’ve been able to apply what she’s taught me on a conceptual level in my very own designs. It has given me a remarkable competitive edge in a very tough job market. I’ve never been one for computer programs but her patience and enthusiasm made the whole experience very enjoyable to say the least! Take her course you won’t regret it!!
APPAREL DESIGN : Jenn, USA, New York September 2019

My name is Nina, I am French and I have my own brand. Unfortunately finding a good pattern maker (internet or paper) in France is very difficult and I am always wasting so much time and energy with sample making. This year I was facing great difficulties with a sports jacket and I was desperately looking for a solution. To be honest I am not technology oriented, having a bit of avertion for computer CAD designing.

I was cornered and had to go to the other side, the dark side! Computer design

After some research I found that Clo3D was the best program for me so I enrolled. Unfortunately finding tutorial on internet was very difficult.

By pure luck I stumbled upon Kazuyo and decided to enroll to her online courses.

First we had a phone meeting to talk about my needs then we arranged a weekly class. Even though I live in France we managed our time zone and internet issues (on my side only)

Kazuyo is very professional and patient

She has taught me exactly what I needed so I could be fully operational with my business.

Of course since I have already some  knowledge in pattern making, it was a bit easier to understand the 2D program and the 3D avatar sewing. Personally I love the short cut method Kazuyo has taught me. Merci.

I am planning for more lessons later on to tackle bags.

I recommend highly taking lessons with Kazuyo if you are serious about fashion design, pattern making and garment business.
APPAREL DESIGN : Nina, Paris France, November 2019

"Kazuyo is such a great instructor in teaching CLO. I work in the fashion industry as production assistant and realize that the CLO program really helps to speed up the production process.

I tried to self-learn the CLO software; however, it was difficult to fully understand how to use CLO.
Lucky that I found Kazuyo’s website when I was googling tutorials and videos online.

I send her an email and got a fast response. Kazuyo asked me what would I like to learn and how much do I know about the program.

After the first meeting with her in Zoom, she decided the first lesson for me based on my needs. Moreover, she would go over all my projects and give me feedbacks which helps me to improve my skills and understanding the program. I took 16 week lessons with her since summer 2019.

Really enjoy the learning progress!!
APPAREL DESIGN Angela Leung (Vancouver. BC. Canada)" December 2019

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