3D Virtual Fashion Designer


Combining Traditional Craftsmanship and Cutting-Edge Technology

      Solutions for the fashion industry's sustainability problem

Brand founder and Designer Kazuyo Nakano

who have been engaged in bag manufacturing for many years,

Continuing create innovative designs,

 Combining analog and the latest innovative tools 3D Fashion design software program to

design processes, eliminate unnecessary physical sampling and shipping costs

by seeing all changes immediately on 3D samples. 

In addition, she started offering customized training classes of CLO3D program

with the strategies she developed.


Revolutionize your design process with true-to-life 3D garment simulation.

Get faster, increase accuracy, shorten your calendar, and expand your design capability.

3D garment simulation has begun to change the fashion industry 

Mastering the 3D software is a must-have skill for fashion designer

CLO3D vs Real-life Sample Comparison

Kazuyo has been engaged in the handbag business, manufacturing, designing, sample making, wholesale and retail for more than 30 years,

has integrated CLO3D throughout each step of my product life cycle


Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 4.37.10 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 7.50.22 PM.png

​3D Virtual Designs 

backpack avatar2_Colorway A_2
backpack avatar1_Colorway A
backpack backside
backpack front
backpack avatar2_Colorway A_1
backpack avatar2_Colorway A


origami _30_edited
origami _29_edited
origami _31_edited
origami _34_edited
origami _6
3d flw drawstring_frontpng_edited


gucci closer bag-2
gucci closer bag-5
gucci closer bag-6
gucci closer bag-4
gucci closer bag-3
Gucci closer bag-1


final top zip tote_1_edited





whole avatar belt on-1_Colorway_A
belt on avatar close _Colorway_A_4
Copy of buckle belt on avatar short skir
buckle belt on avatar short skirt_Colorw
belt on avatar close _Colorway_A_3
buckle belt on avatar short skirt_Colorw
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