3D Fashion Designer

Combining Traditional Craftsmanship and Cutting-Edge Technology
      Solutions for the fashion industry's sustainability problem
CLO is not only limited to garment design !
All the patterns of these handbags are crafted for real productions,
these aren't just 3D modeling.
Everything is completely done in CLO3D,
including Chains and Lock closures and Dog Leash.

My career started with a factory worker at my father's bag factory in Kyoto, 
and after I had worked as a sample maker, moved abroad alone, 
and had been an assistant for famous handbag designers in Italy and New York.

After 20 years of experience in the handbag business, 
I finally launched my own brand and established a company
and then achieved sales of US 7 million.

In 2017 I incorporated the CLO3D simulation program into my design process, 
and recently,
I have been providing CLO training courses, 3D modeling services
and the all knowledge I have gained through 40 years.
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I will release these items as a paid item if you want, please contact me.

 * Please feel free to contact Kazuyo,