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CLO3D Features


what makes 3D fashion design software different

*Get ahead of the costing process
by finalizing styles far ahead of regular production lead times
Eliminate unnecessary physical sampling and shipping costs
by seeing all changes immediately on 3D samples
CLO is a 3D fashion design software program
creating virtual, true-to life garment visualization
with cutting-edge simulation technologies
for the fashion and apparel industries.
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This video is a comparison between working in CLO versus Adobe Illustrator.

It demonstrates how it is more efficient to create a pattern from scratch

and put together a 3D garment in CLO.

*Streamline the garment/handbag design development Process

*quickly mock up samples in a risk free setting, with no material waste.

Kazuyo has been engaged in the handbag business, manufacturing, designing, sample making, wholesale and retail for more than 30 years,

has integrated CLO3D throughout each step of her product life cycle

*Use the built-in pattern tools to generate pattern shapes from scratch
In the 3D window,
easily establish sewing lines on segments of patterns or internal shapes/lines
Tote bag sewing and assembling

Tote bag sewing and assembling

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*All adjustments made in the 2D window
automatically synchronizes with the 3D window
instantly review changes as any modifications to 2D patterns, immediately simulated, 
Improve design by checking silhouette in the development process,
allowing sample time for refinement before finalization.