CLO3D Features


what makes 3D fashion design software different

*Get ahead of the costing process
by finalizing styles far ahead of regular production lead times
Eliminate unnecessary physical sampling and shipping costs
by seeing all changes immediately on 3D samples
CLO is a 3D fashion design software program
creating virtual, true-to life garment visualization
with cutting-edge simulation technologies
for the fashion and apparel industries.
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This video is a comparison between working in CLO versus Adobe Illustrator.

It demonstrates how it is more efficient to create a pattern from scratch

and put together a 3D garment in CLO.

*Streamline the garment/handbag design development Process

*quickly mock up samples in a risk free setting, with no material waste.

*Use the built-in pattern tools to generate pattern shapes from scratch
In the 3D window,
easily establish sewing lines on segments of patterns or internal shapes/lines
*All adjustments made in the 2D window
automatically synchronizes with the 3D window
instantly review changes as any modifications to 2D patterns, immediately simulated, 
Improve design by checking silhouette in the development process,
allowing sample time for refinement before finalization.
*instantly review changes as any modifications to 2d patterns, color, texture and finishing details are immediately simulated
*Create various custom texture images and apply to fabrics
to express variety of fabric in CLO. 
There are four steps total to create a custom texture image: Scanning Fabric, Making Repeat, Matching DPI (Resolution), and Adjusting Color. In order to make custom texture image, image editing software, such as Pixplant, Adobe Photoshop is needed.
*Accurate Materials
CLO can accurately emulate drape-sensitive fabrics
such as cowhide, lambskin and nylon, with various material properties.
*To make a 3D Avatar with exact specs as a live human model best is to use a 3D body scan which would be the most accurate way to get the exact specs,
but you can also adjust specific measurements of our default Avatars with the Avatar Editor available in the Clo software.

*CLO provides a variety of trims such as 
buckles, buttons, buttonholes, rings, zippers, and more, which can be found in the CLO Library.
can also create trims using Patterns and export as OBJ

*CLO includes an internal renderer that will allow you to create images of
your 3D garments but for best results,  high-quality images with realistic and shadow
*Use the built-in pattern tools to generate pattern shapes from scratch, however,
the most accurate 3D representation will be achieved by importing
DXF-AAMA or DXF-ASTM 2D CAD patterns
Quickly mock up samples in a risk free setting, with no material waste.
CLO can also be an educational patternmaking tool,
Seam Allowance
Create and edit seam allowance on patterns.
Create and modify grading for the entire size run for patterns imported and created in CLO.
*URL link functions available to share the content as image or video files.

Customization Is the New Marketing Strategy

streaming process of customization
showcases your products/services and gives an sample idea about your well-being
with various views of the 3D Handbag for all color ways at once
circle bag embroidery_Colorway A_4 copy
circle bag embroidery_Colorway A_3 copy

How Technology Enhances Creativity

As we become a more technological society, 
we also become a more creative society, 
because many of the rote tasks that 
used to take up a lot of our time and effort have become automated.  
What’s more, technology increases our potential to engage 
in the types of experiences that lead to greater creativity.

 *Learn on CLO3D from expert Tutor Kazuyo

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