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Online live CLO3D Training Courses
Handbag Design

Learn on CLO3D from Kazuyo Nakano

Introducing Kazuyo,

your expert CLO3D trainer with extensive industry experience.

Join our online handbag course for personalized one-on-one sessions.

Learn from a seasoned professional

who understands the real-world demands of the industry.

Kazuyo is CLO3D Trainer with 6 years' experience, CLO3D Expert,

offering customized training courses of CLO3D program

with the strategies she has developed.

She has given the classes to more than 150 students 

many of whom have gone on to as 3D designer for well-known brands like

Niki, Burberry, etc.

Elevate your skills and become a professional handbag designer.

Enroll now for an immersive learning experience!

File_000 (1).jpeg
Dive into the world of digital fashion design with our comprehensive CLO3D course.
Learn to translate and bring your design concepts to life,
crafting intricate digital patterns and visualizing them through stunning 3D simulations.
Get a full 360-degree view of your virtual creations
and explore the endless possibilities
that CLO3D software offers.
This course not only equips you with the tools to conceive and execute your designs
but also emphasizes sustainable practices for the future of fashion design.
Every class comes with a wealth of resources including Workflow sources,
Digital Patterns, targeted exercises,
and instructional videos to support your learning journey.
Experience live, interactive learning with screen-recorded Zoom lessons
for easy reference and review.
Our online courses are curated from years of expertise,
offering unique techniques and insider tips to personalize your training experience.
With this course, you'll elevate your creativity,
gaining confidence and proficiency in CLO3D.
As part of your learning journey, you'll also have access to our exclusive textbook,
a valuable guide that complements our online resources
and enriches your learning experience.
Upon completion, you will receive an Endorsement of CLO3D Skill on LinkedIn,
validating your newly acquired expertise for industry recognition.
Transform your creative visions into reality
and step confidently into the world of digital fashion design with CLO3D.

*You will get an Endorsement of CLO3D Skill on LinkedIn

 3D Handbag Design COURSE
CLO3D Course Description, Learning Outcomes

 Entry Course 12 lessons 18h: $1300

intermediate to advance Course 12 lessons 18h: $1300

Pay for the lesson time for the training to create your own projects 
minimum time for a course: 1 lesson 1.5 hours: $130

 Pay for each 3 lessons: 4.5 hours: $338, Pay in 4 payments

Avance Course 6 lessons 9 h: $720


12 lessons Handbag Introduction Course Practices

Student will create 10-11 3Dhandbags in this course

12 lessons Intermediate to Advanced Course Practices

Select below lesson materials according to your need

Handbag Design Advance Course Students Projects