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​Brand Founder and Entrepreneur


1997年  2月、KAZUYO NAKANO Inc. 設立。

 5月、「KAZUYO NAKANO NEW YORK」をブランド名として卸業を開始。ENKアクセサリーサーキットに参加し始める。




1998年  初のコレクション「モンダーノ」が、ニューヨークの女性の間でヒット, 街中で頻繁に見かけられるようになる。



1999年  アメリカでの卸業の拡大。ENKコートリーに参加開始。「バーニーズ」、「ブルーミングデールズ」、「ニーマン・マーカス」、「スクープ」など、米国内専門店60店舗以上と取引が始まる。



2000年   三井物産と日本市場の輸入販売独占契約を結ぶ。阪急梅田ほか、専門店での販売を開始。



2001年 KAZUYO NAKANO CLOTHING LINEを設立。販売開始とともに、大きな反響を呼ぶ。 














2010年 ソ-ホーのフラッグショップを閉店、パーソナルショッピングを開始。「クロコ・コレクション」の販売を開始。


2011年 日本の大手テレビ通販番組である「ジュピター・ショップチャンネル」にて、トータルファッションとしての「ニューヨーク流エレガンス」の提供を開始する。

2015年 「ペレボルサ X カズヨナカノニューヨーク


Step of a Brand and the Company

In February, 1997, I establish KAZUYO NAKANO Inc.

In May, I start wholesale business as a brand name in "KAZUYO NAKANO NEW YORK". I begin to participate in ENK accessories circuit. "Henri Bendel", the American store specializing in "big candies", high-quality department store and business begin. In December of the year, I establish a flag store (retail) in the NORITA district.

Collection "MONDANO" of the beginning of 1998 makes a hit among women of New York.

I come to be seen frequently in downtown. Next product collection "Fiorina" buries a window of Fifth Avenue "Henri Bendel" exhaustively, and it is with a bestseller as the company's president comes to confirm sales by oneself.

It is extended the wholesale business in U.S.A. in 1999. I participate, and it is started by ENK coat Lee. "Barney's ,"

Business begins with ''Barney's'' "Bloomingdales" "Neiman-Marcus", more than 60 specialty stores including "the scoop" in the United States.

In addition, I participate in PREMIERE CLASSE of Paris and enlarge a market abroad than approximately 30 stores. Other than Japan "Joyce Hong Kong", "Harrods London."

I enter into the import and sales exclusive contract of the Japanese market with Mitsui & Co., Ltd. in 2000. Hankyu Umeda others, I start the sale in the specialty store.

In addition, not only the United States but also the business with foreign countries spreads, and the number of the business stores exceeds 300.

Dispatch base of the Kazuyo philosophy

I expanded into new product categories in 2001, clothing, small leather goods,  millineries, scarfs, and jewelry.

With management expansion, I move the store to the Soho district, turning KAZUYO NAKANO into a full-fledged lifestyle brand.

I enter into exclusive production sales contract in Japan with Yoshinaga Co., Ltd. in 2003, and development sale begins for U.S.A. and the Japanese same period. A business partner in Japan Roppongi / Yurakucho est nationality, Ginza Matsuya.

In 2004, it is opened an shop at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi.

sold to 15 department stores in Japan, Shinjuku / Kyoto Isetan, Umeda / Shinsaibashi Daimaru, Nagoya Takashimaya.

As of 2007, 22 stores, wallet escalate the handbag wholesale in Japan to 47 stores.

I start the sale of the bag which I designed in order to support the independence of the Kenyan woman for the same period.

In 2009, I sell a special plan product of "the pink ribbon motion" of the breast cancer destruction / early detection campaign.

in 2010, I close flagship shop of SOHO and start personal shopping.

in 2011, I start  "the New York style elegance" as the total fashion with "the Jupiter shop channel"  Japanese major TV mail order program in 2011.

in 2015, I start selling luxury reptiles handbag ''Pelle Borsa by Kazuyo Nakano NY'' collaborated with Pelle Borsa to a high end consumer in Japan.

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