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Lesson 4, 5 : T-Bottom Tote Bag Patterns
  • Lesson 4, 5 : T-Bottom Tote Bag Patterns

    Master the creation of a T-bottom tote bag featuring flat handles. Enhance your skills by setting the fold angle for an inside-out seam appearance, refining fold angles for various seam appearances of the seam’s location on the bag. Learn to utilize the Gravity On/Off and table adjustments to craft the preferred body shape, whether drapey or semi-structured. 

    Master creating a T-bottom tote with a window zipper pocket and top closure using the Internal Rectangle 2D tool. Customize zippers with unique materials and colors, explore two-way closures, and apply advanced finishing techniques like edge painting and curved side shaping.

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      Upon completing your purchase, you will receive an email containing a Google Drive link. Through this link, you can download the CLO zprj and OBJ files associated with your purchase.

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