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CLO3D On-Demand Courses

Rent tutorial videos and Master the techniques

for who has experimenting and exploring CLO3D already

I introduce my knowledge, techniques and tricks I have cultivated over the years,

Each video shows best practice and workflows on how to express different details.

Mastering these tricks from my tutorial videos

For those working in CLO3D to push your skill to the next level

The videos are provided with English explanations but no voice over.

Please Rent Vimeo On-Demand Recorded

Instructional Videos


Full Video of Adding Lining and Label tab


Full Video of Create OBJ Cord Stopper

kimono bow tie.png

Full Video of Create How to tie Big Bow

YouTube  On-Demand Instructional Videos

Pattern Making for 3D Fashion Designer Course

CLO3D Fashion Designer Course

 Handbag Designer Course in CLO3D

More Videos coming

  • YouTube

 * Please feel free to contact Kazuyo 

Pronounces name KAH-zoo-yoh 

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