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Lesson 1 : Foundation in CLO3D to Start Pattern

Lesson 1 : Foundation in CLO3D to Start Pattern

This lesson introduces the essential functionalities and tools of CLO3D, equipping you with the core skills necessary to start creating 3D virtual handbags. You will learn how to:
Navigate and set up the CLO3D interface.
Master selection and transformation tools.
Utilize the Gizmo for precise object manipulation.
Initiate basic simulations with gravity settings.
Manage pattern activation during simulations.
Adjust pattern behaviors and 3D resolution settings.n Equip yourself with these foundational skills to begin your journey in 3D handbag design using CLO3D.

  • Purchase Information:

    Purchase Information:

    Upon completing your purchase, you will receive an email containing a Google Drive link. Through this link, you can download the CLO zprj and OBJ files associated with your purchase.

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