Online live CLO3D Training  Courses


Learn on CLO3D from Experienced Trainer and Certified CLO Expert

Kazuyo Nakano

Learn how to translate and create concepts or digital patterns using CLO3D software

into virtual your products with a 360 degree view.

This course provides unlimited potential for conceptualizing and realizing

your design as you master the skills in each aspect of the program.

3D simulation contributes to Fashion designers future sustainability practices.

With her online courses she will introduced her knowledge, techniques and tricks

she has cultivated over the years, and

 provide a bespoke training suited to your individual needs.

You will take your creative to the next level and be confident using CLO3D

3D Virtual Samples created in class using CLO3D program


Apparel Design Entry to Intermediate Course

Apparel Design Intermediate to Advance Course

Apparel Design Students Special Projects

Handbag Design Entry to Intermediate Course

Handbag Design Intermediate to Advance Course

Handbag Design Students Special Projects

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